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East Jordan United
Methodist Church

22027 Polo Road
Sterling, IL 61081
(815) 626-0104

Pastor Jim Miller

Secretary Barbara Koch
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Welcome to East Jordan
United Methodist Church

We, here at East Jordan, believe that love is at the core of our faith and that God’s love is available to all. We strive to “Know Christ and to make Christ known.” We do this through study and outreach. Praise be to God for all that we have been provided.

Who are United Methodists? At the risk of stating the obvious, we’re Christians. There are 8 million of us in the United States and another 3.5 million in countries around the world. Our congregation is deeply involved in our own community and in outreach far from home. Both women and men are our clergy/pastors. We believe we are all in ministry together. Our decision-making bodies always include clergy and lay church members. We have two sacraments – baptism and communion – and our communion table is open to all. (Yes, that really means everyone.) We believe that many of the things that separate people from each other are more important to them than they are to God.

Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew, was born in what we now call the Middle East between 7 and 2 B.C.E. (Before the Common Era). The human Jesus walked around ancient Israel preaching, teaching, healing and causing great consternation to the power structure. He invited everyone (that means women and children, too, in a male-dominated culture) to participate in the coming kingdom of God. He welcomed the social rejects and big sinners of his day. His challenge of the power structure led to his arrest by religious authorities – after his closest friends betrayed and abandoned him. Roman authorities crucified him (a horrible, but common, execution method) as a criminal sometime between 26-36 C.E. He forgave his enemies with his dying breath and after burial, he rose from the dead and appeared multiple times to his followers.

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